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Site Clearing
Debris Removal

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Site Clearing Project

Choosing the right equipment for clearing a future construction site is crucial for efficiency, safety, and managing costs effectively. It's essential to consider the project's size, the nature of the land, and what you need to remove. This guide will help you determine what equipment you need for your site

by Scott Hammer
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Demolition Techniques

Contrasting Demolition Techniques

There are two main demolition techniques crews use to bring down a building: the wrecking ball and implosion. Let's take a look when each method is best used. Wrecking Ball/Excavator The wrecking ball is a heavy ball hanging from a crane that gets swung into a building. It's great for

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Debris Removal

Toledo’s Premier Excavation Partner is Grounds One

Are you in search of a reliable excavation company that stands out in Toledo and the surrounding regions of Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan? Look no further than Grounds One – your go-to partner for professional excavation and grading services, work site development, demolition, debris removal, soil and aggregates, pond

Structure and Building Demolition Services

Building Demolition: How Structures Come Down

Demolition, the art of bringing down buildings, is more than just swinging a wrecking ball. It involves carefully planning to ensure safety, efficiency, and taking care of the environment. Let's look at the basics of building demolition and see what goes on behind the scenes. Assessment Before the wrecking crew

Historical Church

Preserving History Amidst Demolition

Demolition projects often pose a unique challenge — how to preserve historical elements while making way for new developments. Balancing progress with the need to safeguard our heritage requires careful planning and innovative strategies. In this blog post, we'll delve into effective strategies for historical preservation during demolition and share

Structure Demolition

Vital Role of Demolition Services

Building demolitions might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the evolution of urban landscapes, but they play a crucial role in reshaping the world we live in. From revitalizing city centers to ensuring safety and sustainability, the importance of demolition services cannot be overstated.

residential demolition

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Demolition

When it comes to building demolition projects in the Toledo area, it's important to know that demolishing homes and businesses are two different things. Let's take a look at the big differences between tearing down these two different building types, and why having a good demolition company is important. Residential