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Excavation And Grading Services

Excavation And Grading Services

Every project starts with a good base. hat’s where excavation and grading  come in. At Grounds One, we’re the experts in the Toledo area for this important work. We take untouched land and make it ready for building with our top-notch earthwork services. We’re not just moving earth around. We prepare clean sites for your future buildings, making sure they are strong and look beautiful for years to come.


Construction Site Development

Before any construction starts, the first step is preparing the land. This is known as construction site development. It’s about turning raw land into a space that’s ready for building. When we prepare a site, we consider several important things. Safety is a big one, as is making sure the site is easy to get to. We also think about the environment and how the land will be used in the future. Doing site preparation right lays the groundwork for everything that follows.


Clearing the Land

To get your project rolling, we first need to clear the land. This means getting rid of anything that’s in the way. Our team takes out old buildings, trash, and tree stumps. We make sure we’re starting with a clean slate for your project.


Excavation Done Right

Our team is equipped to handle all kinds of digging jobs, from small to large. We use heavy-duty machines like bulldozers and excavators to remove soil, rocks, and other materials. Building on a solid foundation is crucial for any structure, and that’s something we make sure is done correctly.


Why Grading is Key

Grading is more than just making the land look presentable. It’s crucial for the health of the land over the long term. Good leveling ensures that water drains away from your project, protecting your investment. We deal with all types of land to create a surface that’s stable and flat, ready for building.


Water and Your Land

Improper grading can lead to serious issues, like pooling and foundation damage. Before any of that becomes a problem, we design and implement drainage solutions that keep water away from your property. This means less worry for you and more protection for your investment.


Types of Land Grading Work We Do


  • Residential: This type of property grading makes sure your home’s land is flat and drains well, which keeps it looking nice and dry.
  • Commercial: Large sites like commercial or industrial areas require special ground leveling due to their size. We’re skilled at managing these big jobs.
  • Outdoor Beauty: Want a stunning yard or garden? Proper landscape grading by our team ensures good drainage and adds visual appeal to your outdoor spaces.
  • Protecting Your Home: We focus on making sure water flows away from your home’s foundation, preventing water damage.
  • Roads and Paths: Building smooth and long-lasting roads and paths is one of our specialties. We can help create long lasting road surfaces, including gravel drives, parking lots, and access roads.
  • Yard Leveling: An even and well-drained yard not only looks better but is more functional. We can also enhance your yard with beautiful paver installations.
  • Stopping Erosion: Our techniques prevent soil erosion, keeping your property in top shape. We also focus on stormwater management and sustainable practices.
  • Hills and Slopes: For land with natural inclines, we ensure stability and safety, protecting against erosion.


Choosing Grounds One For Excavation and Grading

Picking us for your project is a smart choice. You’ll save time and money, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your site is safe. We handle all the paperwork, including permits, and we always follow the rules. This means you can relax, knowing everything is taken care of.


Our Excavation and Grading Tools

We use the latest equipment to be able to handle any job:

  • Bulldozers for heavy lifting
  • Backhoes for digging
  • Excavators for moving large amounts of earth
  • Graders for creating flat surfaces
  • Compactors for solidifying the ground
  • Skid steer loaders for detailed work


We’re Toledo’s Top Earthmoving Contractor

As Toledo’s trusted team for earthmoving, no project is too big or small for us. We’re ready to tackle any challenge. Whether doing some digging, yard leveling, or general earthmoving tasks, our team is ready and equipped to handle it all.


Rely on Grounds One for Your Excavation and Grading Needs

Don’t compromise on the foundation of your project. Contact Grounds One today for a free estimate on any excavation or grading job. We’re excited to help bring your project to life. Let Grounds One be your excavation contractors!

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