When it comes to building demolition projects in the Toledo area, it’s important to know that demolishing homes and businesses are two different things. Let’s take a look at the big differences between tearing down these two different building types, and why having a good demolition company is important.

Residential Demolition

Bringing down single-family homes or small apartment buildings are less complicated jobs. Here are some details for residential demolitions:

  1. Size and Scale: Home demolitions are smaller and much simpler compared to businesses. That means fewer materials and less debris to haul away.
  2. Special Skills: Residential demolition requires special skills. Workers have to be careful not to damage nearby buildings, utility lines, and the landscape to not create a bigger mess or other unnecessary damage.
  3. Safety First: Safety is extremely important when tearing down homes. Workers have to be extra careful to protect nearby buildings and neighboring land as well as themselves.
  4. Quick Work: These smaller jobs get done faster. This means new projects can get started quicker.

commercial demolition

Commercial Demolition

Businesses are often bigger and more complex structures, like office buildings or shopping centers. Let’s look at how it differs from residential demolition:

  1. More Complicated: Commercial jobs are just more complicated. They need a lot of extra planning, special tools, and information about how the buildings were made.
  2. Additional Regulatory Compliance: Because they’re bigger, business demolitions need to adhere to many rules from the city and go through a more complicated permitting processes. Good demolition companies in Toledo, like Grounds One, are well versed in all the rules which helps move the process along at a much quicker rate.
  3. More Environmental Concerns: Commercial demolition often means handling hazardous materials and also having a much more detailed debris removal plan as a result. Getting rid of things the right way and following the rules is critical to minimize the impact on the environment.
  4. Longer Timeline: Because of all this, commercial jobs usually take a little longer to complete. There is more planning and prep work needed, like disconnecting utilities, removing dangerous materials, and managing traffic in busy urban areas.

Choosing The Right Contractor

Whether you’re tearing down a home or business, choosing the right residential or commercial demolition contractors in Toledo is very important. Here’s why it is a smart move to go with a good demolition contractor, such as Grounds One:

  1. Expertise: Our team has many years of experience and knows how to take down homes and businesses quickly and safely.
  2. Safety Matters: Keeping everyone safe is a big deal for us. We make sure your property, the environment and our workers are kept safe.
  3. Rules and Regulations: Understanding Toledo’s rules and regulations can be tricky. We deal with them all the time and know this area’s rules inside and out. This will make your demolition job gets started quickly and you can be assured all the legal boxes have been checked.
  4. Environment: Of course we care about the environment. We dispose of things responsibly and recycle when we can, making your project more sustainable.
  5. Quick and Efficient: We know how important your time is. Our team works to get the job done as quickly as possible and always finished on time.

When you are looking for demolition services in Toledo, whether it’s for a home or a business, Grounds One is always the right choice. We have the skills, knowledge, and dedication to handle any demolition project, all while keeping things safe and eco-friendly.

For all your demolition needs in Toledo, trust Grounds One. Contact us today for a free quote!