Debris Removal

When a storm hits, it leaves behind a mess that homeowners are left to tackle. Don’t worry; we’ve got an easy plan for you to handle storm damage cleanup step by step.

1. Stay Safe First

Move around carefully. After a storm, look around cautiously. Watch out for fallen power lines or other harmful things that could hurt you. If you’re not sure about something, ask for help.

Get the right gear. Before you start cleaning up, wear gloves, protective eyewear, and a mask if needed. Remember, safety first!

2. Take Pictures and Notes

Snap photos. Take clear pictures or videos of the damage on or to your property. This helps when talking to insurance or cleanup professionals like Grounds One.

List what’s damaged. Write down what got damaged. It helps you know what needs cleaned up or repaired and it helps with insurance too.

3. Get Professional Help

Call for help. Tell local emergency services about major damage including downed power lines. They can guide you on staying safe and connect you with the proper cleanup professionals.

Talk to the experts. Contact Grounds One who know about storm damage cleanup. They’ll clear your place safely and quickly.

4. Storm Damage Clean Up Step by Step

Start with big stuff. Remove large debris like fallen trees. If it’s too heavy, seek assistance from professionals.

Fix what’s broken. If your home got damaged, get it fixed as soon as possible to stop more problems. For big projects, it may be wise to hire a contractor for help.

5. Think About the Environment

Dispose of trash the right way. Follow local rules for throwing away debris. Recycle when you can to help the environment. Reach out to local government to see if they will be providing any extra storm debris curbside pick up.

Handle spills carefully. If the storm caused spills or leaks of hazardous materials, get professionals to help. They know how to clean it up without hurting nature any further.

6. Check Your Insurance

Know your policy. Check your insurance papers to see what’s covered. Call them to start your claim as soon as possible. It may take some time before you receive any benefits from your insurance.

Write down costs. Keep track of money you spend for any storm related cleanup. This helps with your insurance claim.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Cleaning up after a storm is a mix of being careful and planning things out. Follow these steps and ask for help from professionals for big tasks. This will get your home back to normal as soon as possible. Remember, keeping safe is the most important thing during storm damage cleanup. Stay safe, stay alert, and let the cleanup begin.

Don’t forget, Grounds One is here to assist with any storm damage cleanup. We offer debris removal services as well as demolition. Our team of experts can assess the situation and handle all of your cleanup needs. Contact us for a free estimate!