At Grounds One, we’re continuing our commitment to be a more environmentally friendly and sustainable earthwork contractor in 2024. We want to share our commitment to being green and taking care of our planet.

Better Machines, Less Pollution

We use the latest eco-friendly machines to reduce pollution. Our equipment creates less pollution than older machines and uses less fuel. This not only helps the environment but also makes our work more efficient.

coir rolls

Stopping Erosion Smarter

Erosion can be a problem, so we’re using smart ways to stop it. We’re learning and using the latest techniques like permeable paving and coir logs. This helps our projects stay strong for a long time while being kind to the environment. Our teams get special training to use these methods properly.

Saving Water, Using It Wisely

As a sustainable earthwork contractor, we care about saving water. Grounds One will continue to use the best ways to water our projects and recycle water. Water is a limited resource and we try to use the minimum amount in our work. This not only fits with smart water use but also shows how we’re responsible with our resources.

Working with Green Experts

We know it’s important to work with experts who care about the environment. We team up with professionals who know a lot about being green. This means our projects won’t just meet standards; they’ll go above and beyond with the latest green ideas.

Teaching and Learning

At Grounds One, we want to teach our team and clients about being green. In 2024, we’ll work with our clients to help them understand how our work impacts the environment and how to make better choices.

Keeping It Clear and Honest

We believe in being clear about what we do. Grounds One is setting up systems to keep an eye on the impact of our projects. We’ll continue to share regular updates with clients and the public. This shows how we’re accountable, always improving, and taking care of the environment.

Leading the Way as a Sustainable Earthwork Contractor

Grounds One isn’t just making plans; we’re making a difference. Join us in 2024 as we lead the way in sustainable earthwork practices that are good for the environment. Together, we’re building a legacy of responsibility, innovation, and a lasting impact.

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