Excavation work is all about digging for roads, buildings, and drainage. Excavating contractors, like Grounds One, are the experts in conducting this kind of work. We are different from general contractors in that we focus on earthwork. Let’s break down exactly what an excavating contractor does and why we play a vital role the construction industry.

1. Getting the Site Ready

Before any construction project starts, we use heavy machinery to clear debris and level the land. This provides a clean and smooth starting point for construction.

2. Foundation Excavation

A foundation is the backbone of any building. After making some careful measurements, we dig deep into the ground to create a strong and level base for a building. Without a good foundation, the building could sink or start to lean over time.

3. Digging Trenches for Utilities

Under your feet, there’s a network of underground utilities waiting to be connected. Excavating contractors are the ones that dig precise trenches for these water lines, sewage, electricity, and gas lines. We do this carefully to avoid creating problems with existing utilities.

4. Grading and Landscaping

After the initial work, we grade the land to match the project’s plan. This includes moving dirt to make sure the land looks good, has the right slopes and drains well. This is important to set the stage for future landscaping and building roads or driveways.

5. Safe Demolition

Sometimes, old structures need to go to make room for new ones. Therefore, demolition is a big part of the job. We do this safely and efficiently, removing structures carefully and then hauling away the debris.

6. Caring for the Environment

At Grounds One, we care about the environment. We take steps to protect it, manage soil erosion, and follow U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules to minimize our impact.

 Excavating Contractor Backhoe

7. Using Heavy Machinery

Our skilled excavating team operates heavy machinery like bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, and loaders. This allows our excavation services to be done efficiently, safely, and precisely.

8. Managing Projects

Excavation contractors play a key role in working with others, such as other contractors, architects, and engineers. This helps to ensure our excavation work fits with the project’s goals and timeline.

9. Other Excavation Services

Grounds One specializes in many other areas as well. We are experts in soil analysis. Understanding different types of soil is very important for selecting the right materials for a project. Digging swimming pools and ponds is another service we take pride in. We are also experts in is gravel paving. Whether you need a new gravel driveway or parking lot, Grounds One can take care of it all. Our excavation work continues through the winter, but we also provide commercial snow removal services for Toledo area businesses.

No matter what project you have in mind, Grounds One has a service to help you. Best of all, we offer free, no obligation price estimates for all of our services.

To sum things up, an excavating contractor, like Grounds One, is key for construction and development We take pride in our work. From site preparation to grading, we are committed to delivering the very best service for any excavation project. Contact Grounds One now for all your excavation needs.