In commercial construction, every job has its own challenges. Excavation companies such as Grounds One are key to making sure building projects go smoothly. Maybe you’ve seen our team working near Lewis and Alexis in Toledo, taking away asphalt for a new business project. We clear the area to put in things like water and electric lines underground for new buildings.

Excavating Asphalt

The Challenge: Getting the Ground Ready

Nearly all big building projects start by getting the ground ready. This is where companies like ours come in. Our team at Grounds One is busy clearing out an old parking lot to make space for a new building and its underground parts.

  1. Checking the Site: We begin by looking over the site carefully. Our experts see what the area is like and make a plan. It’s super important to know where things like water and gas lines are and to check the condition of the asphalt.
  2. Safety First: Digging work needs to be very careful and precise. We always put safety first. This means setting up signs and fences around the work area and wearing safety gear.

Keeping Everyone Safe During Excavation

Safety is super important to us at Grounds One. Before we begin any digging, we always set up barriers and signs to keep the area safe. Our team wears helmets and bright vests to make sure they are protected. We follow all the safety rules carefully. This means we check for water, gas, and electric lines underground before we start. We want to do our job well without any accidents.

We also keep learning about new ways to stay safe. Our team regularly trains on safety practices. Keeping everyone safe, both our team and people around us, is our main goal. That’s why safety is a big promise from us to you, every single day.

The Commercial Development Excavation Work Process: From Asphalt to Utilities

Once the ground is ready, the real digging work starts.

Commercial Development Excavating
  1. Taking Away Asphalt: First, we need to remove the asphalt. We use heavy equipment like excavators and loaders to do this. It takes someone skilled to run these machines without damaging anything.
  2. Underground Utilities: After the asphalt is gone, we dig deep to put in the underground systems, like water and electric lines. Our team makes sure these are put in just right to support the new commercial buildings.
  3. Trenching and Backfilling: We dig trenches to put the lines in, and then fill them back up. We choose special materials to fill the trenches so that everything stays put and is strong.
Underground Utilities

Finishing Up: Making the Surface Ready

Our job doesn’t stop with just digging and putting in lines.

  1. Paving: We might also pave the area around the building. To do that, we may put down new asphalt to create a smooth parking area.
  2. Cleaning up: After we’re done, we clean up the site and take away all the trash. We believe in leaving a place better than we found it.

Excavation teams like ours are a big part of building new businesses. We do the important work of removing old stuff and putting in new underground utilities. Our skills and know-how help make sure the building project is a success.

Make sure to contact Grounds One for a free estimate on any commercial development excavation work. As Toledo’s premier commercial underground contractors, we’re here to help make your commercial project a success.