Are you in need of excavation services for your construction project? Excavation is the removal of rocks and soil. Excavating in construction sites can be a complex job, and it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes that could lead to costly delays and safety hazards. As the premier Toledo excavating company, Grounds One is here to help guide you through the ground level dos and don’ts of excavation for any project. Whether you’re Googling “excavation contractor near me” or “excavation services,” this blog post will provide some helpful tips to help guide you to a successful project.

Excavating Services Trenching

What To Do When It Comes To Excavation Services:

1. Detailed Planning: Before starting any project, it’s critical to make a very complete plan. If you’re searching the internet for “excavation near me,” we recommend talking to local experts like us. Grounds One will obtain necessary permits, identify utility lines, and assess excavation site conditions, making sure you have a well prepared project plan.

2. Invest in Quality Heavy Equipment: As an earthwork company, we understand the importance of using excavation equipment that is sound and is well taken care of. High-quality equipment and trained operators are key to the success of your project.

3. Safety First: Safety is our top priority. We make sure our workers and other workers in the construction site are kept safe. When you choose Grounds One for your excavating construction needs, you can be assured that we provide our team with the best personal protective equipment (PPE) and conduct regular safety trainings.

4. Call Before You Dig: It’s very important to contact local utility companies to have them locate and mark underground utility lines. Accidentally damaging one of those lines could result in very dangerous situations, damaged equipment, and expensive legal issues.

5. Soil Testing: Soil conditions can vary significantly, even in the same region. Toledo area soils can range from very soft and sandy to hard clay. Each layer of soil can also vary. Our excavation services include complete soil testing to understand what it consists of and how stable it is. The knowledge of the types of materials in the soil guides us as to what the proper techniques to use are and of shoring needs.

6. Proper Shoring and Trenching: If your construction project involves digging deeper than five feet, you should use proper shoring, trench boxes, or other protective systems. This keeps the holes we dig from caving in. Our approach is focused on safety first. We work to prevent accidents and make sure your project is a success.

What Not To Do:

1. Rush the Planning Phase: Cutting corners during the planning stage can lead to mistakes, delays, and more costs. Don’t rush through this crucial phase—take the time to look over your project plans with a fine tooth comb.

2. Neglect Equipment Maintenance: Grounds One knows that failing to maintain excavation equipment can lead to costly repairs, downtime, and a higher risk to worker safety. Regular upkeep is an investment, not an expense.

3. Overlook Safety Procedures: Skimping on safety is not an option. Ignoring safety standards can lead to accidents, injuries, and even death. Make safety your number one priority above all else when working with any contractor.

4. Dig Without Locating Utilities: Never start digging without first knowing where underground utility lines are located. Always have the underground utilities clearly marked out before removing soil. Hitting a gas, water, or electric power line can have very bad consequences. It would be a mistake you can’t afford to make.

5. Ignore Soil Conditions: Neglecting soil testing and understanding its make up can lead to instability and potential cave ins. It’s a misstep we’re committed to helping you avoid when you employ our earth excavation services.

6. Skip Shoring and Trench Protection: When digging deep, not using shoring or trench protection is an invitation for disaster. Protect your team by following proper shoring techniques.

Searching for ‘Excavation Companies Near Me’? Grounds One is the Answer

In conclusion, when searching for an excavation company, remember these tips that are crucial for the success of any project. Proper planning, equipment service, safety measures, and following regulations are the most important elements of a quick and safe excavation process. Avoiding common mistakes leads to the success of your project and the safety of the work team. When you hire Grounds One for your excavating service needs, you can rest easy knowing we will quickly, safely, and correctly complete the job the first time. Contact us today for a free estimate.